Roof Care in Kildare

Roofing repairs in Kildare. Experienced and registered roofers for Co. Kildare. All work comes with an underwritten guarantee. Our roofing services handle everything from small repairs to large overhauls of roofs. Our qualified team can assess, repair and replace any damaged roof structure, repairing chimneys, loose flashing, damaged gutters and while doing so in a manner that is efficient, professional and safe. Professional roofing contractors in Kildare that guarantee a 100% customer satisfaction with our service. We offer a free 7 days a week call out to all our clients providing an on site quotation free of charge.


A damaged roof is very dangerous as it can cause harm to your other belongings and in worst cases could be life threatening. For this reason, Roof Care in Kildare always take great care when repairing or replacing the roofing. It is important for you to call in a roof repairing company whenever you see some leakage or damage. We can immediately dispatch one of our Roof Care experts to inspect the roof. Affordable prices. Quality workmanship. References available from previous roofing repairs carried out in Co. Kildare.

We provide a clear and accurate break down of our services letting you understand how long the work will take and the steps involved in the work. We have been serving County Kildare for over 30 years and have built a reputation for fast, reliable and quality workmanship through these areas. Experienced roof repair service for County Kildare.


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